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Continuing to Watch Fire Walk With Me

So re-watching the beginning after Lil’s dance and once they are in town to see if I have any other observations.

There’s a theory everything up to when Philip Jeffries returns is a dream. I linked to that theory.

One thing worth mentioning if you’ve read The Secret History of Twin Peaks is that Carl Rodd the owner of the trailer park was abducted at the age of seven with the log lady. It might be why he says, “I’ve been places.”

From this picture, you know he’ll be in season 3!


Kiefer (Sam) examines the body and pulls off her fingernail…. ick!


Philip Jeffries shows up.

He’s been missing for two years. There’s a lot going on in this scene.

First Cooper talks about a dream he had at the same time and goes to check if there’s a time delay on the video and the third time he does. (more on that later)

Jeffries shows up babbling and talks about how he’d been to one of the meetings. It was above a convenience store. When Mike was talking about BOB and him killing he mentioned a convenience store.

So Jeffries was there when they had a meeting and talked about a ring.

The Man from Another Place says ‘With This Ring I Thee Wed.’ This is apparently a reference to the ring Teresa Banks was wearing and later others would wear as well. It’s owned by MIKE or the Man From Another Place.

Bob, the Man From Another Place, a lumberjack, the old lady and her grandson, and a man wearing a white mask and red suit are in the convenience store before going back to the red room through the curtains. Lots of people think the lumberjack is Margaret’s (log ladies’) husband.

Jeffries is an interesting character and obviously crazy but who wouldn’t be? Some interesting insights into Jeffries and who Judy might be are on Above the Convenience Store’s blog.

“Elga baby damn no I found something.” Either Elga or Helga here. Not sure what he said. Most blogs think he found the ring in Judy’s apartment or wherever he was. He says the ring a couple of times.

He also says “Who do you think this is there?” pointing to Cooper which leads you to wonder if he’s seen the good Dale in the Lodge.

Then he’s gone and Gordon tells Albert to call the front desk where he says “he was never here.”

There are so many different Judy theories and I love all of them. I’ll go into more detail later.

After this when we finally go to Twin Peaks it feels like we’re in a different movie for a while.



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