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What I Want From David Lynch’s New Twin Peaks

The revival is happening and none is more excited than me. I’ve prepared watching the whole series and Fire Walk with Me again. I’ve read The Secret History of Twin Peaks and I’ve gotten myself pumped. This article will contain spoilers from the show, movie, and books so if you haven’t watched it, you should and then read this.


This is in no way what will probably happen because Lynch doesn’t work like that, but these are the questions I want to have answered.

Is Bob still with Dale?

One big question, and since Laura Palmer or some version of her in the Lodge told Dale I’ll see you in twenty-five years. Has Bob stayed inside Agent Cooper all these years and what did he make him do?


Does Carl Rodd know what happened to Teresa Banks?

In the book, it’s revealed Carl was abducted when he was seven with the Log Lady and another boy. He knows things and it isn’t clear if he’s been to the Lodge but he talks about bad dreams. It’s possible he knows what happened to Teresa Banks.

What is the connection between alien sightings and the lodges?

In the book, Roswell and several other sightings are reported in which Douglas Milford is dispatched to discourage the person who had the experience from talking about. He was also abducted in Twin Peaks and talked about a giant walking owl. Of was one of the reasons his brother the Mayer had a falling out with him. What do these things have to do with the Lodge? Are the inhabitants of the lodges aliens or other?

Did Leo die and will the revival tell us?

Leo was holding up poisonous spiders with his teeth. No one knows if he was found or finally let then go. You would think Garland would have gone back for him. He wanted him to save Shelly despite being a horrible husband to her and trying to kill her twice.

Who is Judy?

The biggest mystery from Fire Walk with Me is who Judy is Philip Jeffries says “We’re not going to talk about Judy,” when he briefly appears to the FBI Chicago headquarters. There are several theories.

My favorite Twin Peaks theory is that Judy is another victim of Bob and Jeffries was investigating her murder when she disappeared but there are so many more. I hope we find out who Judy is and what significance it has to Jeffries, the Lodge, and Twin Peaks.

Did Gordon come back to Twin Peaks and woo Shelly?

Shelly certainly didn’t care when Gordon kissed her. I wanted him to come back and tell her Bobby was a drug addicted loser.

These are just a few things I want to know. Some mysteries were solved with the book. Audrey Horne lived and was protected by Pete Martell. Josie was an evil little such and such. Bobby did kill at least one person in the woods. Of course, more mysteries were opened too. Garland Briggs and Doug Milford knew a lot about the phenomena in the woods. Did Garland save Dale? What questions do you hope will be answered?

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Continuing to Watch Fire Walk With Me

So re-watching the beginning after Lil’s dance and once they are in town to see if I have any other observations.

There’s a theory everything up to when Philip Jeffries returns is a dream. I linked to that theory.

One thing worth mentioning if you’ve read The Secret History of Twin Peaks is that Carl Rodd the owner of the trailer park was abducted at the age of seven with the log lady. It might be why he says, “I’ve been places.”

From this picture, you know he’ll be in season 3!


Kiefer (Sam) examines the body and pulls off her fingernail…. ick!


Philip Jeffries shows up.

He’s been missing for two years. There’s a lot going on in this scene.

First Cooper talks about a dream he had at the same time and goes to check if there’s a time delay on the video and the third time he does. (more on that later)

Jeffries shows up babbling and talks about how he’d been to one of the meetings. It was above a convenience store. When Mike was talking about BOB and him killing he mentioned a convenience store.

So Jeffries was there when they had a meeting and talked about a ring.

The Man from Another Place says ‘With This Ring I Thee Wed.’ This is apparently a reference to the ring Teresa Banks was wearing and later others would wear as well. It’s owned by MIKE or the Man From Another Place.

Bob, the Man From Another Place, a lumberjack, the old lady and her grandson, and a man wearing a white mask and red suit are in the convenience store before going back to the red room through the curtains. Lots of people think the lumberjack is Margaret’s (log ladies’) husband.

Jeffries is an interesting character and obviously crazy but who wouldn’t be? Some interesting insights into Jeffries and who Judy might be are on Above the Convenience Store’s blog.

“Elga baby damn no I found something.” Either Elga or Helga here. Not sure what he said. Most blogs think he found the ring in Judy’s apartment or wherever he was. He says the ring a couple of times.

He also says “Who do you think this is there?” pointing to Cooper which leads you to wonder if he’s seen the good Dale in the Lodge.

Then he’s gone and Gordon tells Albert to call the front desk where he says “he was never here.”

There are so many different Judy theories and I love all of them. I’ll go into more detail later.

After this when we finally go to Twin Peaks it feels like we’re in a different movie for a while.


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Starting Fire Walk With Me – The Movie

It might take me a few days to get through the movie. I have a 7 month old, a full time job, and a part time job. So this post is initial thoughts, observations, and the beginning of the movie.

While it’s good to see Gordon yelling in the phone not seeing Cooper is sad from the beginning. Knowing the actor didn’t sign on until later means we’re dealing with two other FBI agents. Chet Desmond and Sam Stanley.
The next thing that happens is Lil dances around supposedly sending a message which is to be deciphered later. See the picture. Gordon calls it a surprise.


In the car Desmond explains what the dance meant to Sam.

So Lil puts on the sour face meaning the police won’t like them, the blinking eyes means trouble higher up, a hand in the pocket means there’s something being hidden, a blue rose means something secret,  she’s walking in place meaning there will be a lot of legwork, the dress tailored to fit her means drugs. From Gordon saying she’s his mother’s sister’s girl and made bars over his face means the sheriff’s uncle is in prison.
Here is a more detailed description of the dance, and script from the movie –
I searched for the reason Gordon communicated with code. First some people think he just wanted Twin Peaks fans to overanalyze the dance and everything.
Another account said a scene was cut that had Chet explain Gordon liked code because he spoke so loud.

The blue rose will get it’s own post, which I’ll link to. There’s so much there in the symbolism and secrecy of the series.


The police are indeed not nice to the agents and there’s even a mention of two day old coffee they can have. Not a damn fine cup of coffee. After they deal with the law enforcement they go to Hap’s Diner where Teresa Banks worked and are greeted by a rude waitress who tells them she thinks Teresa was into cocaine and her whole arm went dead for three days. I immediately thought of the one-armed man, this may or may not have anything to do with it.
After this they go to Fat Trout Trailer Park where Teresa lived.
They see a picture with the ring she was wearing (missing during autopsy) and encounter her landlord and some strange characters. The landlord calls coffee Good Morning America. It’s not very good coffee. Another sign this town is the opposite of Twin Peaks.
Here is where the baby needed attention but some confusing things happened. Chet found the ring under the trailer, David Bowie walked through a copy of Cooper left on the camera and then we were back in the red room with Bob, the short guy, the grandma and little creamed corn boy, and one other person.
This requires I re-watch and figure out what is going on. Until the next post!
“Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present.” Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks, television series
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Starting The Secret History of Twin Peaks

I bought the audible book to listen to the Secret History of Twin Peaks and I’m not that far into it yet.

First observations are it’s weaving a lot of factual US history into the story of Twin Peaks. It goes through everything from Lewis and Clark to Roswell so far.

There’s been some mention of telepathic aliens living in volcanic tubes which is what Owl Cave is. There’s been mention of giants and of ancient Indian curses. It’s told through a female agent (wouldn’t Audrey be thrilled) called TP (Twin Peaks?) Obviously not, but interesting initials reading through and verifying a dossier left by someone known only as the archivist.

He or she has gathered a lot of documents about he history of Twin Peaks, and it seems the FBI or other agency wants to know who is responsible for collecting it.

One of the most interesting ties so far is to Douglas Milford the mayor’s brother, black widow’s husband, and a man in black, one of the first!