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What I Want From David Lynch’s New Twin Peaks

The revival is happening and none is more excited than me. I’ve prepared watching the whole series and Fire Walk with Me again. I’ve read The Secret History of Twin Peaks and I’ve gotten myself pumped. This article will contain spoilers from the show, movie, and books so if you haven’t watched it, you should and then read this.


This is in no way what will probably happen because Lynch doesn’t work like that, but these are the questions I want to have answered.

Is Bob still with Dale?

One big question, and since Laura Palmer or some version of her in the Lodge told Dale I’ll see you in twenty-five years. Has Bob stayed inside Agent Cooper all these years and what did he make him do?


Does Carl Rodd know what happened to Teresa Banks?

In the book, it’s revealed Carl was abducted when he was seven with the Log Lady and another boy. He knows things and it isn’t clear if he’s been to the Lodge but he talks about bad dreams. It’s possible he knows what happened to Teresa Banks.

What is the connection between alien sightings and the lodges?

In the book, Roswell and several other sightings are reported in which Douglas Milford is dispatched to discourage the person who had the experience from talking about. He was also abducted in Twin Peaks and talked about a giant walking owl. Of was one of the reasons his brother the Mayer had a falling out with him. What do these things have to do with the Lodge? Are the inhabitants of the lodges aliens or other?

Did Leo die and will the revival tell us?

Leo was holding up poisonous spiders with his teeth. No one knows if he was found or finally let then go. You would think Garland would have gone back for him. He wanted him to save Shelly despite being a horrible husband to her and trying to kill her twice.

Who is Judy?

The biggest mystery from Fire Walk with Me is who Judy is Philip Jeffries says “We’re not going to talk about Judy,” when he briefly appears to the FBI Chicago headquarters. There are several theories.

My favorite Twin Peaks theory is that Judy is another victim of Bob and Jeffries was investigating her murder when she disappeared but there are so many more. I hope we find out who Judy is and what significance it has to Jeffries, the Lodge, and Twin Peaks.

Did Gordon come back to Twin Peaks and woo Shelly?

Shelly certainly didn’t care when Gordon kissed her. I wanted him to come back and tell her Bobby was a drug addicted loser.

These are just a few things I want to know. Some mysteries were solved with the book. Audrey Horne lived and was protected by Pete Martell. Josie was an evil little such and such. Bobby did kill at least one person in the woods. Of course, more mysteries were opened too. Garland Briggs and Doug Milford knew a lot about the phenomena in the woods. Did Garland save Dale? What questions do you hope will be answered?