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Starting The Secret History of Twin Peaks

I bought the audible book to listen to the¬†Secret History of Twin Peaks and I’m not that far into it yet.

First observations are it’s weaving a lot of factual US history into the story of Twin Peaks. It goes through everything from Lewis and Clark to Roswell so far.

There’s been some mention of telepathic aliens living in volcanic tubes which is what Owl Cave is. There’s been mention of giants and of ancient Indian curses. It’s told through a female agent (wouldn’t Audrey be thrilled) called TP (Twin Peaks?) Obviously not, but interesting initials reading through and verifying a dossier left by someone known only as the archivist.

He or she has gathered a lot of documents about he history of Twin Peaks, and it seems the FBI or other agency wants to know who is responsible for collecting it.

One of the most interesting ties so far is to Douglas Milford the mayor’s brother, black widow’s husband, and a man in black, one of the first!